Book Bench


Product Description

There are few pieces of furniture as well known as our ale-bench; each of us can think of a story that we experienced while pondering on an ale-bench.

And each of us is familiar with beer gardens in the rain, when the benches are stacked on top of one another. From this comes the idea to use the outstandingly simple folding and snap mechanism not only for the legs of the bench, but also for a shelf above. The result was a piece of furniture which is many things in one: Bench, shelf, sideboard or room divider, usable both at home in every room and at the office. For transport, the Book Bench is as space-saving as the collapsed ale-bench, with three simple moves to store it away.

For ambitious DIYers, we also offer a complete fitting set with detailed instructions and without wooden parts.

L 160 cm x D  30 cm
Overall height, assembled: 100 cm, height, folded: 11 cm
Finnish Maritime Pine Plywood with oak veneer, satin finish, forged steel, powder coated in “leaf green”

Additional Information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 160 × 30 × 15 cm